The Best Paint for Gutters

Choosing the best paint for your gutters is no easy process.

You need to decide the type of paint you need, the best color, and how your going to do the project. In this guide we will walk you through the best paint for your gutters.

Whether you are planning to just do some small touch-ups or a complete repaint of your gutters, we got you covered.

We will also give you a few tips so your project turns out looking spectacular.

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The Best Paint for Gutters

When choosing the best paint for your gutters, you want a paint that will look amazing and last a long time. You also want a paint that is easy to install and hard to mess to up.

So here are the best paint options for your gutters.

Note: We are assuming you have aluminum gutters, the standard for 99% of Americans. If you have other gutter types, we’ll get into that later.

1. For Small Touchups – Amerimax Touch-Up Spray Paint

If your gutters just need a little bit of love, going with a touch-up spray paint is an excellent option.

You can hide those areas with chipped paint and no one will be the wiser.

This paint is awesome because it’s cheap, super easy to use, and can fix your gutters in a pinch.

Now, it’s not going to be a perfect solution. If you look close enough, you’ll probably see a small difference in the color of your gutters (especially if they are not white), but there are some options in different colors.

For most homeowners looking to do minor touchups their gutter paint, this is great option. But if you need to do a full repaint, you may be interested in our next option.

The spray paint is only for minor scratches, dinks, or paint chips. The paint can cover your exposed metal gutters, making them look better and preventing any future rust build up.

The finish is a semi-gloss which will be similar to most gutter paints. The paint will work both on metal and PVC gutters.

2. For a Fresh Coat of Paint – Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Paint

When looking to do a completely fresh paint job on your gutters, what you are looking for is a high quality exterior paint. It’s ok if it’s the same as what’s used for the siding. In fact, having the same color as your siding will make sure the color match is the same.

What a lot of people do is use their leftover paint from the siding after a coat of primer on their gutters.

You don’t need a special type of paint for your gutters. What will impact the final result the most is the painting process more than anything else.

Sherwin Williams Duration is recommended because it’s a high quality paint that can also work without a primer (although that’s not recommended).

The paint also has an extra mildew resistance coating, keeping your gutters from developing rust and wearing down over time.

With proper prep work beforehand, such as sanding and priming, two coats of this paint will have your gutters looking perfect.

3. Behr Semi-Gloss Direct Metal Paint

This paint is an excellent choice because it’s made specifically for metal. That means if you have aluminum gutters (like most do), this will be perfect for your job.

If you also plan on painting your fence or garage door the same color, you can repurpose the paint when painting other metal surfaces.

This comes in a semi-gloss finish, perfect for gutters. It won’t be too shiny and will leave a nice finished surface.

If you are only planning on painting your gutters (and not your siding as well), this will be your best bet.

The paint is 100% acrylic, unlike the Sherwin Williams Duration paint, that was a latex and acryllic mix.

Unlike many believe, you do not need oil paints for metal surfaces. Oil can be tricky to work with and takes a longer time to dry. Acrylic will work great for your gutters and is more friendly to beginners.

Choosing the Best Primer for Gutters

Picking out the primer for your gutters is an important step. While many paints say they are a two-in-one paint and primer, 99% of paint jobs will look better and last longer with a coat of dedicated primer.

These are the primers most recommended for gutters, so that your paint will stick better. After all, the longer your paint sticks the less chance of rust buildup.

 1. Behr Metal Primer

If you’re painting aluminum gutters, the priming step is extremely important and a primer made specifically for metal will ensure a long-lasting paint job that looks amazing.

That’s why we recommend Behr’s metal primer. This will be perfect for aluminum gutters. The metal primer is made to adhere to metal surfaces that most other primers would struggle with.

Before applying the primer, make sure the surface is clean and any existing paint is sanded away or removed. When applying extra coats of paint on top of existing paint, it’s possible it may peel and fall away.

You don’t know if the previous paintjob was done correctly or not, so you want to start from scratch if possible.

The biggest downside to this paint is you need warmer temperatures when you apply the primer or else it won’t adhere properly. If the surface temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you will need to wait for warmer weather.

2. Insl-X Stix Primer

If you need a super strong primer, look no further than this one. This primer is made to create a strong film around your painted surface (in this case, your gutters).

The Stix primer works at as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit surface temperatures, making it more versatile than the last option. However, it may not work as well if you plan on using acrylic paint.

If you end up using an oil-based paint, this primer is definitely the go-to.

The Stix primer is made to stick to especially tricky surfaces such as metal. You won’t have any problem getting it to stick, but make sure to clean and the surface beforehand.

The Best Kind of Paint for Gutters

When choosing the kind of paint you want to use, there are a lot of factors to consider. Such as, what paint do you already have on hand? Can you reuse paint from your siding, garage, etc?

Also there are concerns about the material your gutters are made of, such as aluminum, PVC, steel, and copper. These can impact the paint choices you make as well.

Then when you get into the paint itself, you have even more options. There are different types of paint such as acrylic and oil, spray paint, etc.

And lastly, you need to choose what color to go with, which can often be the trickiest step. But we’ve got some advice for you to make it easier.

Depends on Gutter Materials

When choosing a paint, the majority of homeowners have aluminum gutters. This makes is super easy to recommend paint options, just choose an option from the list above, and you should be good to go.

If you have PVC gutters, it gets a little trickier. Before purchasing the paint needed, you will need to review the product page to see if the material adheres to your surface in question. It can also help to look up reviews to see if anyone else has used it for the same surface as you.

And with PVC gutters, you can often get them pre-painted from the manufacturer, although the color options will be limited. But hey, white gutters are a safe bet, right?

Acrylic vs Oil Paint

When it comes to choosing a paint type, usually you choose between acrylic and oil paint. Many people recommend oil paint with metal surfaces, such as aluminum gutters, but for most it will make more sense to use acrylic.

Acrylic paints are much easier to work with and dry faster than oil. And with the right primer and a high quality acrylic paint, you should have no issues with the paint sticking and lasting a long time.

Spray Paint vs Normal Paint

When choosing between spray paint and normal paint, for most DIY projects, normal paint is better.

While contractors will usually use spray paint because they already have the equipment for it and it’s much faster, most homeowners don’t have the skills or equipment to properly use spray paint.

Unless of course, they are just planning to do some light touch-up work. Then spray paint will work great for that application.

Otherwise, painting the old fashioned way with a roller will be your best bet. This will ensure an even coat and it will look great.

Choosing the Gutter Color

Picking the right gutter color can be tricky. The gutters need to match your home’s aesthetic or else they’ll look strange and out of place.

A good rule of thumb when picking gutter colors, is to match them with either your siding or trim.

If you match the gutters with your siding, they won’t jump out as much, and will be hidden in plain site. This is the option most homeowners opt for.

If you match the gutters with your trim, they will definitely be noticeable, but in a way that accents your home. The gutters will almost look like crown molding.

Either way you go, it’s best not to introduce any new colors with your gutters and to leverage the existing color scheme of your home.

How to Paint your Gutters the Right Way

Now that we have the basics down for picking the right paint for your gutters, let’s talk about some basic steps when painting your gutters. We want to make sure we don’t skip any steps so all of the paint we just bought doesn’t go to waste.

  1. Clean out gutters: Before any painting is done, clean out the gutters removing any leaves, mud, or water. Then brush the outside of your gutters with soapy water.
  2. Sand gutters: At this step, you want to gently scratch the surface of your gutters with sand paper. This will help the primer stick better.
  3. Primer: Apply the primer evenly to the gutters and wait for it to dry. Follow the instructions on the container.
  4. 1st coat of paint: Paint on the first coat of paint. This is where you get to see the real color change happen. Once done, wait a bit before applying the second coat.
  5. 2nd coat of paint: Evenly apply the final coat of paint. The second coat will ensure that the paint is properly coating the gutters and make the color more even.

How to Make Paint Last Longer

When taking the time to do a project such as painting your gutters, you want it to last a long time. Luckily, if you follow the steps, the paint can be extra durable.

When painting your gutters, you always want to follow best practices and not skip any steps. That includes stuff like cleaning the gutters, lightly sanding down the surface, applying primer, and then two coats of paint.

If you skip straight to the paint, you’ll find that the paint wears away quickly and will start to peel.

Your gutters are exposed to a whole lot heat and cold weather, so taking the time to make sure they are done correctly is worth it.

Choosing the right paint will also help in making sure your gutters stand the test of time. If you choose the wrong type, they might not stick correctly and can wash away faster than you think.

When painting your gutters, wait for a warm day without any rain. Cold or rainy weather will prevent your primer and paint from sticking.

Safety Tips When Painting Gutters

When painting your gutters, you may be working on elevated surfaces. Always bring a helper to help hand you tools and keep the ladder stable.

Also wearing a mask and gloves can protect your body from the vapors that are emitted from the paint (if using spray paint) and from sticking to your skin.

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