Black Windows: Trendy or Timeless?

In many of today’s modern homes, you’ll see white houses with black trimmed windows. It’s especially common in newer neighborhoods or renovated homes.

Is having black windows just a trend that’s bound to pass by soon? Or is it a timeless look that will survive the test of time?

At the end of the day, it depends on whether you like the look of it or not.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of black windows, how much they cost, and other topics like if you can paint your white windows black.

So let’s jump right in!

What Do Black Windows Look Like?

First, what do black windows look like. The term “black windows” may give off the wrong word here.

The window panes themselves are still transparent, meaning they let in tons of natural light. The black part only refers to the frame, also known as the trim around the window.

The house below has black window frames.

house with black window frames
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This house has white window frames.

blue home with white gutters
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If your window panes themselves are dark or even black, that means that they are tinted. Knowing a lot of this terminology will let you talk to your local contractors without confusing them.

Why Are Black Windows Popular Right Now?

Throughout the history of homes, we’ve seen white windows over and over again. They withstand the test of time, and can be used in any old or modern day home.

So why are black windows making their appearance right now?

Many cities and neighborhoods are embracing a modern look. When you look at new homes with sharper lines, a boxier feel, and a high-contrast look, they typically are painted white with black window frames.

However, we can’t find this look in a lot of older homes. This doesn’t mean they’re just a fad waiting to disappear. It also doesn’t mean that it’s a timeless look either.

The color black is elegant and can match with pretty much anything. Black windows lets you get away with not having any window treatments like blinds or shutters. However, you’ll still want something to improve the privacy of your windows.

Black windows are another way that homeowners can add more contrast to their home. Black windows are commonly seen with wooden exteriors, white-painted brick or siding, and grey or black brick or siding.

Ultimately, no one can tell you what to do with your home. If you love the look, then you love the look. Both white and black windows give your home a beautiful aesthetic.

Are Black Windows More Expensive?

If black windows are more popular right now, does that make it more expensive to get black windows?

Despite what people may think, choosing the color black is not any different than choosing the color grey or beige for your windows. You’re already picking a black paint or a black stain anyways.

However, if black is not a standard color that’s available for your window frame material, then it might cost extra for your local contractors to meet your needs.

For many large window manufacturers, getting different colored windows may be more expensive. These large window companies manufacture in bulk, which can lower the cost for standard window purchases.

When we looked into doing a full house window replacement, the standard windows were white vinyl, double-paned glass, argon gas, low E coatings, and double-hung as well. It just depends on who you’re working with and buying from.

If you’re thinking of getting black windows, talk to your local window companies. Some companies like Andersen have black as a standard color option for many of their window series. The same goes for Pella. However, certain window series may not offer it as a standard.

Can You Paint White Windows Black?

painting window with brush
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Black windows have gotten so popular that we’re starting to see a lot of home DIYers pick up their spray paint to paint their white windows black. Is this a good idea?

Whether you can or can’t paint your windows black depends on the material of your window frames.

Note: Before painting your window frames, check in with your window manufacturer’s warranty. If you are still within your warranty, painting your windows will void it.

Can You Paint Vinyl Windows Black?

For some materials, such as vinyl, you can but that doesn’t mean you should. When you paint white vinyl black, the paint can absorb and trap heat which causes the vinyl to warp. Any warping can break your air seals and render your windows less energy efficient than before.

New paint technology has come quite a ways. This means you can find paints that are vinyl-safe that won’t absorb as much heat. Before doing a project like this, make sure you consult your window’s warranty. Painting will most likely void your warranty if you still have it.

It also depends on where you live too. Here in southern Texas, we get some extreme heat in the summer time. Black absorbs heat, so it would make it harder for our home to maintain our desired temperature in the summer time. However, if you’re in the mid-west or the north, the heat doesn’t get as hot.

Can You Paint Aluminum Windows Black?

Painting aluminum windows is a great idea because the paint can protect the aluminum metal from the elements.

Aluminum heats up quickly because it is a metal, so you want to select specific metal paints, not just any paint from your local home improvement store. Another tip is to use paint that is meant for the exterior of your home. Interior paints won’t last as long either.

Aluminum paint will hold really well, but over time, you’ll need to repaint as it slowly chips off with years of rain, dirt, and winds.

Can You Paint Wooden Windows Black?

Wood is similar to aluminum, where it can be painted as well. The primary difference between wood and aluminum is the primer and paint type that you use.

Wooden windows can be painted black.

Make sure that you select a high-quality primer as your base coat. Use an exterior paint rather than an interior paint to make sure that it costs a long time.

Satin or semi-gloss paints will withstand the elements better than flat or matte sheens.

Do Black Windows Stay Black?

Another common question that pops up when people look at getting black windows is: Will my black windows fade or stay black?

Windows are meant to last 20+ years. If the black starts to fade over time, it can look quite unappealing.

It depends on your window manufacturer and how they made the windows black in the first place.

Certain applications of paint will last for many years. This includes powder coating and aluminum cladding.

For many windows, the black will fade over time. This is because the window frame is constantly getting bombarded with UV rays day after day. Dark colors let you see sun damage and fading much faster than lighter colors.

Good thing for you, you can paint your window frames black again to refresh its complexion.

Will the Inside of Black Windows Be Black?

It’s common to think that because the outside of your windows are black that the inside needs to be black too.

It’s not true. The inside color of your windows can be anything that you want it to be. It can be black, white, or another color. You can even mix and match. Some windows in your room can have black interior trim and others won’t.

Black windows are a decorative choice. When you choose to have black windows, there needs to be other elements in the room that are black too. This could be a table, an accent rug, something, anything.

Do Black Windows Need Window Treatments?

In all of the pictures and homes I’ve seen with black windows, I’ve never seen them with blinds or shades.

However, that means that anyone can just look into your home. This can be uncomfortable at night when you want to have dinner in your home without looking outside only to make eye contact with a stranger walking by. Awkward.

Here are some ideas for window treatments for black windows.

White fabric roller shades make an excellent companion to your black frames. It whitens up the room while maintaining the high-contrast look still.

Plus, you won’t be blocking the exterior view of your black windows that you paid dearly for.

Another good option are white wooden shutters. This has a similar affect to the white fabric roller shades. You get the privacy without the darkness.

Avoid using the typical 2″ blinds on your black frames, or on any windows for that matter. They’re not very appealing to look at.

Also, avoid using black shades, drapes, and shutters. Black on black gives your home a very dark look.

Where do Black Windows Look Best?

Black windows can work on any home. I’ve seen them in the northwest, the west coast, the mid west, the south, and more.

They look great on modern styles such as the farmhouse look. I’ve even seen older homes with red brick get painted white to match the black windows for a more modern look.

However, there are places where black windows are better than others. Black tends to absorb more heat in general compared to lighter colored windows.

This means that mild climates will be better for black windows instead of extremely hot climates.

Black Windows Versus White Windows

Both black and white windows are popular nowadays. They’re especially common in modern homes.

Black windows have rose in popularity for the past 5-10 years in modern neighborhoods and newly renovated homes as well. Whereas, white windows have been a mainstay for homes since the dawn of time.

When it comes to black windows versus white windows, who wins?

Black windows can definitely be more expensive than white windows, only if it’s not a standard color option from your window manufacturer. However, the price difference is about 10-15% higher.

White windows are a more standard color option for many window frame materials. However, white also attracts more dirt and debris. It shows much more easily than on a black frame.

At the end of the day, the decision is ultimately up to you. Which one do you like more?

There are many designers who will take your home and change the color of the window trim in Photoshop or another photo editing software. This way, you can get a preview of what it could look like without going through with it.

Pros and Cons of Black Windows

Stylish and trendyCan be more expensive
Can raise your home valueCan fade over time
Makes you stand out in your neighborhoodDifficult to buy treatments for
Better for mild climatesAbsorbs more heat
Gives your home a high-contrast look
Great for modern homes
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