Do Gutters Improve your Home Value?

Choosing whether or not to install gutters can be a difficult decision, especially if you don’t have all of the facts.

It’s not always a cheap project and you want to make sure it’s worth doing.

So does installing gutters actually improve home value?

A home with rain gutters is worth more than a home without gutters (or broken gutters). Future buyers do not want to have to install gutters when they buy a property, they want a home that is fully protected from rain and water damage. Most buyers expect homes to come equipped with gutters and if they don’t, home appraisers will subtract the cost of gutters from the home value.

We’ll go more into the details about gutters and how they can boost your home value.

do gutters improve home value

Gutters Can Add Home Value

When new homeowners move into a new house, they want everything as turn key as possible. They want the air conditioning to work, foundation to be in good condition, and to have fully functional gutters.

If you’re selling a home without gutters, you can expect your home value to be worth less because the future owner will need to install them.

The average price of gutters is around $1150 or $10 per linear foot, so you can expect your home value to increase by a relevant amount. Gutters are an excellent investment to both protect your home from future water damage and increase the value of your home.

So while you might not make money by adding gutters to your home, you can definitely break even when it comes time to sell.

If you go for more expensive options with your gutters, such as opting for gutter covers or a more costly and unique style (such as copper gutters), you may find that you struggle to get a good ROI.

Going for the standard seamless K-style gutters is always a safe bet when installing gutters.

Gutters are a Great Long-Term Investment

With global warming, it’s expected that the impact of water damage in the United States is expected to grow. Nearly 14,000 homeowners experience water damage to their home every single day with the average claim of $12,514.

To decrease the impact of water damage and flooding, adding gutters can significantly reduce the cost of future damages to your home.

While gutters might not be the most exciting home renovation, they offer one the best returns on investment.

They can protect your siding, foundation, and interior of your home water damage and keep water from building up in your basement. By prolonging the life of your home, gutters can give a return on investment that’s harder to measure but hugely impactful.

When you look at the cost of certain repairs to your home, such as foundation repair costing $4,500 or a whopping $14,910 to install new siding, you can see how gutters can be worth their weight in gold.

Not Having Gutters Will Lower Home Value

If you were to purchase a home and you have to identical options, except one has gutters and the other does not, which would you buy?

The one with gutters, obviously. That’s because gutters offer inherent value to a home. They keep water off of your home’s most valuable components and they direct water away from your home.

When rainy season comes around, you want to have gutters ready. If you have gutters that can channel water away from your home you can prevent the chances of your home flooding and from costly damages.

Most home appraisers will deduct the cost of gutters from your home’s value if they find you don’t have any. It’s expected that your home should have functioning gutters.

It would be like buying a car that doesn’t have tires. The new owner would need to buy the tires after they get the car, so they would pay less for the vehicle.

What Type of Gutters Increase Home Value the Most?

If you’re looking to improve home value, you’re probably wondering which type of gutter is the best to do so.

When getting gutters installed, there are a lot of costly additions you can do, such as gutter guards, opting for copper gutters, or going for specialized shapes.

But what most new homeowners look for is gutters that are low maintenance and work properly. So if you’re looking to install gutters to improve home value, you most likely want the most widely available option.

As of right now, seamless K-style gutters are considered the best option for gutters. In terms of price, they are inexpensive and they are highly effective at managing high volumes of water.

K-style gutters have been found to drain 50% more water than half-round gutters due to the deeper shape. Not to mention, seamless gutters will typically last longer than normal gutters, because they are one continuous piece and are less likely to develop leaks over time.

But at the end of the day, home value can be subjective. It depends on the tastes the future buyers of your home might have. If you opt for certain colors of gutters, you may find that also improves home value.

Most of the time it’s a good idea to match the color of your gutters with either your siding or your trim to improve your home value.

Plus if you have downspouts are an eyesore and stick into your yard, you can look at concealing them or opting for a downspout alternative.

The Average Cost of Gutters

he average price of gutters is around $1150 or $10 per linear foot. A relatively small amount in comparison to the amount of protection they provide for your home.

While gutters aren’t exactly a sexy or fun renovation, they are an excellent investment to both protect your home from future water damage and increase the value of your home.

If you look at getting gutter covers, that will increase the price significantly. But they provide other benefits, such as not needing to be cleaned out as often, potentially saving you in the long run.

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