Do New Windows Increase Your Home’s Value?

Let’s face it. If you’re going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars on getting your windows replaced, you want them to make their money back. Or at least be able to.

Many people think that getting new windows will increase their home’s value to make them worth it. And they’re not wrong. It definitely does.

However, the return on investment is not as high as you might think. Getting replacement windows will add home value, but if you want to do it right before selling, you’ll end losing more money than gaining it.

If you’re getting new windows and planning on living in your home for some time before selling, it will be more worth it.

There are so many factors to look at when deciding how much new windows can increase a home’s value.

How Do New Windows Increase Home Value?

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So let’s get to the chase. You want to know the hard factors, the numbers. The moola.

It’s not that easy. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to new windows.

For example, what windows are you getting? Are they the barebones single-pane windows with no additional insulation features? Or are they the top-of-the-line triple-pane windows with all the gadgets attached?

Also, there are a lot more benefits to getting new windows aside from just home value too.

Factors to Consider

Here are some factors that people will consider prior to purchasing a home. Remember when you got your home?

You asked about things like the age of the HVAC, the roof, the siding, etc. What about flooding? Natural disaster? Etc.

You probably drove around the neighborhood, listening for the hum of the highway. Chances are… the person that wants to buy your house is probably doing all those things too.

Lower Energy Bills

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When thinking about living in a home, you are definitely thinking about the recurring fees associated with it.

One of these costs is monthly energy bills. Yep, the dreaded electricity bill that comes around every month.

If your home is in an area with extremely hot summers or cold winters, the average energy bill matters.

And you know what helps with energy bills? Good new windows with the argon-filled gas, the double-pane windows, and the low E coating.

Sure, they don’t make a huge difference all at once. But over the long run, over a long enough time horizon, you’ll see the savings that having good windows can have. Especially when compared side by side with a home that has 20-year-old single-pane windows.

Having new windows will definitely decrease energy bills and improve your home’s value.

About 25-30% of your home’s electricity bill goes to your windows. Whatever heat goes in and out through your windows equals money!

Choose energy efficient windows by looking for the ENERGY Star label. These are certified by the NFRC to meet certain energy use standards.

According to Energy Star, you can save up to $125-$340 a year if you’re upgrading from single-pane windows to double-pane windows. That’s 1-2 months worth of energy bills in savings.


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Ah, looks. Some people say looks don’t matter, but they’re just not thinking about home values.

A beautiful home is one that can sell for higher.

Windows contribute to a home’s aesthetics. Imagine having a well put-together home, and then you notice the windows. They’re completely out of place and don’t accent the home very well. People don’t want to buy a home that they know will need a lot of work.

Having new windows that work well with your home’s aesthetic will make it more desirable to home buyers and improve your home’s value.

Better curb appeal is what brings all the new homebuyers to your yard after all, not your smoothies.

If the house looks good, it’ll attract lots of people. Potential buyers can picture themselves living in the home, possible inviting over guests and family instead of hiding away their home.

More buyers equals more potential offers. More offers means potentially higher selling price.

Better Home Security

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If a homebuyer is looking to buy a new home, they want to know that it’s safe. They don’t want to move in all of their fancy stuff only to have their house burglarized through old single-pane windows with worn out locks.

New windows have improved security. Double-pane windows are better at deterring bad actors than single-pane windows.

According to a home smart alarm company, new homebuyers are gravitating towards homes with security systems. This indicates that home security is near the top of their mind when it comes to buying a new home.

A more secure home gives homeowners more peace of mind about where they’re living.

If you’re opting for aluminum windows instead of vinyl windows, your home will be even more secure. Of course, there are also downsides to aluminum windows as well, so it’s up to you to decide what window type to go with.

Better Sound Reduction

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Homes in quiet neighborhoods tend to sell at higher prices than homes in noisy neighborhoods.

This article from the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health states that people who live in quiet neighborhoods have lower stress levels and higher quality of life.

If you’re in a noisier neighborhood or have noisy neighbors, having new windows with better sound reduction can simulate the feel of a quiet neighborhood.

New windows do wonders to block annoying sounds you might hear on a weekly basis such as yard care, leaf blowers, loud trucks, and the dreaded highway hum.

Double-pane and triple-pane windows work even better for sound reduction than single-pane. Also, there are windows specifically made to reduce more sounds too.

When someone purchases a house they want to call home, they want it to be peaceful and quiet. They don’t want to wake up to fireworks at night or sounds that might signal that danger is nearby.

Having windows that are good at sound reduction is almost as close to living in a quiet neighborhood, or as close as you can get sometimes.

Better Window Functioning

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What would you value more? Having windows that are just nice to look through? Or having windows that are nice to look through AND open up to improve air circulation around your home?

The second option, right? I agree. And so do many homebuyers. A window exists more than just to be pretty. They need to be functional.

Having double-hung windows that tilt inwards for easier access for cleaning or casement windows that let in a nice breeze on a beautiful day. These are all things that potential homebuyers think about when buying a new home.

Windows are not paintings. When installing new windows, picture windows are amongst the cheapest option. They offer the best energy efficiency because they have no moving parts.

Having a window’s function match with its place in the house just makes sense. You want your kitchen window to open up to let out moisture while you’re cooking.

You want to be able to enjoy the breeze on a good day. Better window functioning adds to your home value because it adds more options.

Will New Windows Pay For Themselves?

New windows will pay for themselves, given enough time. You also have to buy high-quality windows to get the most energy efficiency out of them.

It’s not enough to just get new windows. You need to get the new windows with double-glazing, argon gas, and low E coatings to maximize their energy efficiency.

You also have to make sure that they’re installed properly, so there’s no air leaks or drafts.

New windows can cost approximately $400-$600 per window for high-quality ones. Over the course of a year, you’ll save about $125-$340 a year based on Energy Star’s research. It’ll take a VERY long time for your windows to pay for themselves. And by that time, it’ll be time to replace them again.

If you consider just the hard numbers, it’s probably not worth it. But look at the other benefits such as noise reduction, higher quality-of-life, less anxiety from noisy environments, better home security, enjoying the look of your home… there are so many non-monetary gains you get from getting your windows replaced.

Should You Get New Windows Before Selling Your House?

You might be on the fence about replacing the windows before selling your home. You want the maximum home value price you can get. But is replacing your windows a good idea? Will it be worth it?

Based on all that we’ve discussed, getting new windows before selling your house isn’t worth it.

According to the Cost vs Value 2023 report from Remodeling, vinyl windows will recoup about 68.5% of its cost in an increase of your home value.

It’s not bad. But it’s not over 100%. It’s only worth it if you intend on enjoying the long-term benefits of getting new windows.

Maybe replace the windows, live in the house for a couple years, and then sell the home. Or don’t upgrade the windows at all before selling.

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