What Are Garden Windows?

If you live in a place where it’s tough to get outside and garden, then it’s time to bring the plants inside!

Garden windows are like a miniature greenhouse in your home. They let in natural light for your plants to soak up the sun and grow.

What Are Garden Windows

Garden windows are like a mini bay window inside of your home that provide a home for your plants. They can be anywhere, but usually they’re above the kitchen sink.

They’re also called plant windows or greenhouse windows. You have the shelf that your plants can sit on and then a box enclosure around that made up of glass windows.

It’s typically a box bay window design with a sloped top edge to let in the maximum amount of sunlight possible.

You can open these windows by opening up the side panes to let in more air for good circulation.

Pros of Garden Windows

If you love your plants and gardening, then garden windows might be something you consider. It’s hard growing plants in places with extremely cold or hot climates. Here are the benefits of garden windows.

More Natural Light

Light is so important to brighten up the mood for your home. One of the benefits of having a garden window is that it’ll let in more natural light.

It’s uncommon to cover up your garden windows with any treatments because the whole purpose of it is to give your plants sunshine.

The natural light alongside the green of the plants really brings out the life in the room.

More Ventilation and Airflow

Garden windows are like most other windows. They can open and close. It depends on what you buy or build, but most garden windows can open outwards from the side panes.

It’s very similar to a bay window where the middle is fixed and the sides are operable.

More Shelf Space

In addition to natural light and better air circulation, you also get some shelf space to put your plants on. Or books or decorations. Whatever you want.

Garden windows are called garden windows, but you don’t have to feel trapped into only using them for plants.

They can be used for anything that you would put on a shelf.

Year-Round Gardening

If you live in a really cold or hot area, it can be hard starting seeds outside. They could die if an unexpected cold front hits.

Your garden window lets you start seeds before they’re ready to go outside in your full garden. Or you can skip the full garden entirely and just start an indoors herb garden.

Since it’s in your kitchen, cutting a bit of herbs to add to your dish is convenient and satisfying when you’re cooking. Plus, your garden adds a nice aroma to your kitchen area too.

Better Home Value

Garden windows can add a lot of personality and uniqueness to a home. If your house stands out from the rest of the crowd, it can be more desirable for potential homebuyers who are touring homes.

Extra features such as garden windows can increase your home value, since it opens up your home a bit more.

Cons of Garden Windows

Despite all of the benefits and pros of garden windows, there are also some downsides as well to consider before buying and installing a garden window.

They Cost More

The first con is that garden windows can be quite expensive. Instead of just installing a regular picture window or a double-hung window at your kitchen window, which can cost anywhere between $300 and $600, a garden window can cost you thousands of dollars.

To be exact, a 30″ x 36″ garden window will run you anywhere between $2500 and $3000 depending on the brand, size, and configuration of your windows.

Of course, the bigger you go, the more it’ll cost.


Condensation can be a homeowner’s worst enemy, especially as the temperature starts dropping outside.

Plants release moisture into the air through their metabolic processes. Because your garden window is a small space that’s semi-enclosed, there is a higher risk of condensation in the kitchen.

If you have a lot of condensation in your home, it’s recommended to move your plants outside.

The kitchen already isn’t a great place because condensation exists there through cooking and boiling water already. Having a garden window might just make it worse.

Professional Installation Required

You can buy a garden window and ship it directly to your home, but it’s not recommended to install it yourself.


Garden windows stick out from your home. If not installed correctly, they can pull on your walls and then sag over time. It’s also important to install them with the proper window flashing to reduce moisture penetration and with proper sealing to reduce air leaks.

If you’re considering getting a garden window, make sure to contact a professional local window contractor to get it installed correctly.

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